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Initiation and Completion of Project

1) LogoSHARKS will begin creation of a corporate identity logo design (THE PROJECT) upon receipt of a retainer fee from THE CLIENT (100% of the full billable amount as outlined in our rates sheet).

2) Upon completion of THE PROJECT, LogoSHARKS agrees to transfer electronic files relating to the FINAL DESIGN of THE PROJECT to THE CLIENT via download from LOGOSHARKS website or email. LOGOSHARKS retains the copyrights to all other designs resulting from THE PROJECT except the FINAL DESIGN.

3) Once THE PROJECT has been initiated the rules outlined in the refund policy section of the website are in effect.

During Project Life Cycle

4) In the course of THE PROJECT, LogoSHARKS will remain in contact with the client regarding edits, revisions and scheduling. If THE CLIENT fails to provide necessary feedback to LogoSHARKS regarding any edits and/or revisions within 12 days, THE PROJECT may be subject to removal from our servers and placement in our STALE DATED database. Any STALE DATED project is subject to a $100 ($US) reactivation and un-archiving fee. This fee is at the sole discretion of LogoSHARKS.

5) If THE CLIENT fails to communicate with LogoSHARKS regarding any initiated project for a period of more than 20 days, such project will be cancelled, and any retainers or deposits shall NOT be refundable. No further edits, revisions, file transmission or online image storage will be undertaken by LogoSHARKS after that date. Further activation of this project will be subject to new project activation, project submission, retainers and deposits as outlined in our current pricing schedules, unless specifically waived, in writing by an authorized representative of LogoSHARKS. Also once a project is completed the client requests for the final files no more edit requests will be entertained unless they are paid for. It is the responsibility of the client to be aware of these time restrictions and act accordingly. No alerts or warnings shall be given by LogoSHARKS.

6) Further, if THE CLIENT, after 2 days from project submission, wishes to alter original scope of project, as outlined in project submission forms, including, but not limited to, name of logo, type of business, theme of business, specifically requested illustration criteria or stakeholder (account holder) then such project shall be deemed a new project and subject to new retainer payments as per current pricing schedules. Previously paid retainers and/or balances shall be applied as KILL FEES to original project, and any new retainers and/or balances shall be applied to new project as requested by THE CLIENT.

Copyright Issues

7) All artwork, designs, edits, revisions and work product created in THE PROJECT (other than the FINAL design accepted by THE CLIENT as being the subject of this agreement) remain the exclusive copyright and intellectual property of LogoSHARKS. Any use of this work project by THE CLIENT and/or their assigns is strictly prohibited without written, prior permission by LogoSHARKS.

8) LogoSHARKS retains the right to utilize ANY artwork, designs, edits, revisions and work product from THE PROJECT in advertising, promotion and other marketing materials. LogoSHARKS agrees to add a Trademark, Copyright or other ownership mark as may be requested by THE CLIENT from time to time. Further more LogoSHARKS reserves the right to publish any comment/feedback/testimonial that the client sent the company on the LOGOSHARKS website or any other promotional material and sister websites.

9) LogoSHARKS is NOT liable for any damages or expenses incurred by the client in the use of artwork created in THE PROJECT by third parties, unless said third party is contracted by LogoSHARKS as a 'work-for-hire' vendor, or in direct professional consultation with LogoSHARKS. Such consultation is subject to fees as agreed to by THE CLIENT and LogoSHARKS By contracting LogoSHARKS to create THE PROJECT as outlined in these terms and conditions THE CLIENT agrees to abide by the terms and conditions contained therein. For further information on any of our terms and conditions, please contact us.

10) Due to the complexities of international copyright and trademark law, LogoSHARKS will not be held liable should THE CLIENT be found to be infringing on an already existing copyrights or trademarks or service mark relating to the project name, description or service. When a design has been finalised THE CLIENT should conduct a copyright and/or trademark search before closing the project. Alternatively the client can engage LogoSHARKS to do this search on their behalf. (For details click here)

About Bonuses

11) LOGOSHARKS retains the right to cancel any bonuses published on the website.

12) The free professional website template that is provided with the Professional and Professional Plus Packages can be used only if the link to LogoSHARKS appears on all original and any new pages created from the template.

13) The combo packages such as Basic Plus Package and Pro PLUS do NOT include free business card printing

Payment and Turnaround times

14) The project is charged at the rate that is in effect at the time the project is accepted by LOGOSHARKS and is not affected by any subsequent changes to the rates. Projects may require a signed payment authorization form, or telephone payment verification before scheduling.

15) For payment options please read our payment details page. LogoSHARKS reserves the right to cancel any order and refund the amount paid before starting the project. Further more LogoSHARKS is not liable for loss of the fee paid due to transactions being lost with the payment processors (PAYPAL) or any other related problems. LOGOSHARKS also will not issue an invoice or receipt other than the one that PAYPAL sends the client upon payment.

16) Turn around times:

Basic/BASIC package

Initial Concepts - 4 business days or more depending on the complexity of the project

Revisions - 3-4 business days or more for each round depending on the complexity of the revision

Professional/PROFESSIONAL Package

Initial Concepts - 3 business days or more depending on the complexity of the project

Revisions - 2 business days or more for each revision round depending on the complexity of the revision


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